Crown Pipeline Ltd. is committed to a high-quality safety, health and environment program that protects its personnel, property, the public, and the physical environment. Crown is an active member of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) and is COR certified. Crown believes that safety and quality workmanship should go hand-in-hand. We have created a culture of safety that allows our employees to feel comfortable on our jobsites and in our shop. Prior to commencing work, our crews complete a Job Hazard Assessment and establish an Emergency Response Plan so that all necessary safety precautions are taken and protocols, carried out.

All Crown employees undergo a thorough company and job orientation that is carried out by our Health and Safety Officer on their first day of work. Crown values ongoing training and is committed to offering this to our employees. We provide training to our employees internally and also outsource to MHCA.

Crown understands the importance of not only meeting, but exceeding compliance expectations with all Provincial, Municipal, and Federal Safety & Environment Regulations. Crown’s goal is to be an accident and injury free workplace that does high quality work and completes projects timely and efficiently. We strive to prevent accidents, injuries, and losses to employees, materials, equipment, and the public.