Directional Drilling

Directional drilling, a process of installing underground services without trenching is an efficient and professional method widely used in many developed and developing countries. Proven to be faster, more cost effective and definitely less disruptive to surface activities, directional drilling is a welcome technology whether installing utilities in the city, rural areas, parks or major infrastructure.
Anywhere and everywhere, directional drilling systems give people and the environment the convenience and protection of an otherwise polluted and messy worksite Clean trenchless solution for underground installations without disturbing the above surface.

Savings in reinstatement costs and eliminating the effort to blend with surroundings. Removes possibility of trenching-related accidents. Less delays due to unfavorable weather conditions – no more pumping water out of trenches and pits! No more need to apply for road opening permits for public road works. Faster and neater, usually requiring less than half the time needed by conventional trenching method. Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruptions like golf courses, airport runways, busy traffic junctions, difficult site conditions, etc. Cost effective. Prices do not vary much from conventional trenching methods. In fact, in some situations, our price may even be lower. photos

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